Breaking: New Yes on 1 Ad Repeats the Lies

by: Adam Bink

Fri Oct 16, 2009 at 12:15

This is part of a series of on-the-ground coverage with the No On 1 campaign in Maine, generously funded in part by you and with the support of the New Organizing Institute's National LGBT Blogger and Citizen Journalist Initiative.

Yesterday, the Maine Attorney General herself smacked down the argument that changing Maine law will force children to learn about marriage equality in public schools. This follows up on the Maine Department of Education stating the same thing.

Maine Attorney General Janet Mills says Maine's new gay marriage law is not related to the state's public school curricula.  Mills examined language in LD 1020 at the request of Maine Education Commissioner Susan Gendron, who said parents were questioning public school superintendents about how the law might affect what's taught in public schools. [...]  Mills says local school boards in Maine have the final say on what material is allowed to be used in local schools, and the law won't change that.

"I have scoured Maine laws relating to the education of its children for any references to marriage in the public school curricula.  I have found none," Mills says today in a letter to Gendron.

Despite this, we just got this new Yes on 1 ad sent to us here in Portland.

Incredibly, their ads keep getting worse and worse (this actress looks like she learned to act by watching J-Lo in Gigli) with too many words, too much to listen to. So, we lucked out on that part.

But as Bill in Portland Maine wrote this morning (rec on DailyKos if you have a sec), the AG's statement will appear above the fold in newspaper's across the state. Maybe they forgot to pull their ads. But if Yes On 1 wants to burn their money on bad ads that contradict legal opinions, that's okay by us.

Update: Just to pile on the point that this is being debunked, 61% of Maine likely voters in the Pan Atlantic poll released this past Tuesday said they didn't believe the "school indoctrination" line that Yes On 1 is pushing.

Adam Bink :: Breaking: New Yes on 1 Ad Repeats the Lies

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I'm trying to get this to motivate me to give and call more. I AM PISSED! I don't want to see any more families bullied and spat upon like they were when Prop H8 passed in California last year.

Yes, Virginia, there are progressives in Nevada.


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