More Good News: FCC Move Forward On Net Neutrality

by: Chris Bowers

Thu Oct 22, 2009 at 15:06

Piling on the good news on the Wall Street bailout, and on health insurance reform in the House, today the FCC took the historic step of voting to move forward on the rulemaking process for Net Neutrality. From Save The Internet:

The Federal Communications Commission just approved a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Net Neutrality this morning, following through on its promise to preserve an open Internet.

The 1.6 million people who have supported Net Neutrality over the years, and the tens of thousands who came out in the last three days to stand behind the FCC, should be celebrating. Today's vote is an important step toward securing the open Internet and a victory for the public interest and civil rights organizations, small businesses, Internet innovators, political leaders and the public.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and Commissioners Michael Copps and Mignon Clyburn voted in favor of the rulemaking; Commissioners Meredith Attwell Baker and Robert McDowell gave partial support to the proposal.

The proposed rules would codify the four open Internet principles that now guide the FCC's oversight and enforcement of communications law. The FCC also proposed rules that would codify two new principles prohibiting Internet service providers from discriminating against content or applications and ensuring that network management practices be transparent.

The agency is seeking public comment on these proposals, with initial comments due by Jan. 14 and reply comments due by March 5. We'll let you know as soon as you can start filing official comments.

This happened in spite of a massive astroturf push by telecom companies, and also a letter sent to the FCC by 72 Democratic members of Congress--many of whom are in the Congressional Progressive Caucus--repeating industry talking points about how there is no need for regulation. Because really, if there is anyone you can trust to look out for your interests, large telecom companies are it. Why would anyone think that they would try and take control of content distribution for the largest cultural medium ever created? Leave Comcast and AT&T allllloooonnne.

To the FCC's credit, they moved forward on Net Neutrality anyway. It is very heartening to see the Obama administration stand up for the public interest, even if it means opposing a few dozen Congressional Democrats.

For my money, this has been the best two days of the Obama administration to date. Progressive policy is moving forward.

Chris Bowers :: More Good News: FCC Move Forward On Net Neutrality

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What About Common Carriage? (0.00 / 0)
"Net Neutrality" is a lobby-agenda.

It is not a principle of physics, economics, or admiralty, just some sort of deal, arguably, better for something called the left than something called the right.

But, is it better for a "hard center" than for a "soft center"?

Is it law that can be relied on and extensively applied or just a flimsy deal that mostly results in some front-loaded commissions and fees, then starts to fall apart?

Is it collusive bargaining or majority rule?



AT&T and their pals... (0.00 / 0)
...are now threatening to impose rate hikes, meters, and caps as a result.  Maybe if htey just, you know, invested in the technology to improve infrastructure, they wouldn't need to do that!

REID: Voting against us was never part of our arrangement!
SPECTER: I am altering the deal! Pray I don't alter it any further!
REID: This deal keeps getting worse all the time!

Best two days (0.00 / 0)
Perhaps these were the best two compared to expectations, but it is hard to beat the first few days of Obama's presidency.  Tons of Bush directives were instantly overturned, for example, as well as new executive orders and laws waiting for his signature signed.  I'll admit that was all low hanging fruit, though, compared to what we are watching today.


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