What Makes Someone A Dirty F*ing Hippie

by: Natasha Chart

Thu Dec 17, 2009 at 18:22

Dear Activist,

If you're still reading, you're a DFH. Respectable people who try to change policy aren't called activists, they're called lobbyists and donors.

Are you wearing a suit? Doesn't matter. Have you been working peacefully and professionally towards your goals? So what. Are you a law-abiding citizen who's trying to engage in a participatory democratic process with people who are making decisions about your future? Big whoop. Did you cut your hair, put on a tie, get a job? Sucker.

The governments of the world and the United Nations would like you to know that if you're too sympathetic with the oppressed, care about democracy, and value people more than money, you can go ahead and do absolutely everything right like we told you that you had ought to do.

And we will still punch you in the face.

You're welcome,
Your Overlords

Photo credit and note: Kris Krüg on Flickr. See the red stripe near the man's suit collar? Other photos clearly show it's a UNFCCC delegate's lanyard, which means the man holding up his hand in self-defense and getting punched in the face by police had to pass the registration security checks, register at the Bella Center convention hall in person and to have been issued a valid COP15 badge.

Witnesses have reported that the man had been inside the convention at least most of the previous week, and there had not been any reported security incidents caused by alarming attendee behavior at Bella Center before the NGO lock out. We were all, apparently, just a bit too unsightly to have around when actual heads of state came to Denmark to do our business.

Natasha Chart :: What Makes Someone A Dirty F*ing Hippie

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Sad, but the obama/dem sell-out (4.00 / 2)
on health care means we no longer have a robust dialog on anything else.  The constant capitulation to obstructionists, directly undermining huge pubic support for a meaningful public option, is going to have many rambifications - all of which obama and dem leadership is responsible for.

The fact that posts like this generate little or no discussion on a usually active progressive/liberal site does underscore the damage that is being done to the party and the big trouble the dems will be in during the next 2 (or more) election cycles.

And the kicker is - they don't care - they would still rather sell us out.

That's what they were hired to do (4.00 / 1)
Is it class war yet?

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Are you ok, Natasha? (0.00 / 0)
Did you get into that struggle? What was the alleged reason for the police hords going on a rampage?

Ah, I see the NYT reports about this (0.00 / 0)
A Bouncer at the Gate

When delegates from Friends of the Earth International turned up today at the Bella Center, site of the climate talks in Copenhagen, to have their badges scanned, they were startled to find they were no longer valid. The 90-member delegation promptly sat down in front of the entrance and refused to move, prompting a standoff with United Nations officials. (The video above is of an impromptu march through the halls by representatives of indigenous communities.)

Other nongovernmental organizations seemed to enter without a problem, although the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change had announced that a diminished number of N.G.O. delegates would be admitted today because of the center's continuing capacity problems.


Looks like only FOE and Avaaz were excluded. Sounds fishy.

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I'm fine (0.00 / 0)
I didn't come here to protest. My foot isn't healed and the cobblestones and cold have been torture on it, even through the Docs and the ski socks. I've already got a cold because I had to stand out in the freezing wind too long waiting for a taxi (only taxi i've had to take, btw, public transit downtown here is exceptional by every measure i can think of), and was afraid of being sat on the cold ground. I didn't want to get arrested or punched by a cop.

In short, I'm too much of a chickensh*t.

But I got some great interviews with really important people: farmers, community organizers and labor leaders. If any good comes out of a world meeting like this, it will be because those people created the civil society pressure to make it so.

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Great to hear that! However, I'm disturbed about the foot troubles. (0.00 / 0)
Same thing with my brother. He had an accident with his hand, which required an operation, more than 6 months ago and the damn thing isn't really ok yet. Sometimes you need a lot of patience.

Hmm, if you have some time on the way home, how about a story on the more personal side of your stay? You met lots of interesting persons, how did you find them, how was their mood, what experiences did they make surrounding the summit? And how was the host city, charming or hostile, more foreign or more familiar, more Hopenhagen or Nopenhagen? Would be nice to hear something about the stuff that isn't directly related to the global warming issue!

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Reminiscent of early (0.00 / 0)

We need to hurt them in a way they won't forget.... (0.00 / 0)
...and twist that knife until they scream.

I don't know what it would be that work best.  Violence will only result in more repression in response.  Boycotts are hard to maintain over time.


Historically - boycotts would never be easier (0.00 / 0)
Given the ability to instantaneously maintain communication and support via net technologies - boycotts could be infinitely more effective now than at any time.

Also, because of the crappy economy, the targeted firms would feel their effects promptly and, if widely supported, deeply.

Unfortunately, when we were getting hammered by the criminal cabal behind dur chimpfurher, the superblogs proclaimed that this type of action wasn't a "netroot" thing.

This was a lie and a cop out, but people still believe that, somehow pounding endless opinions on a keyboard at home is "netroots" and taking meaningful peaceful actions in our daily lives is impossible.

Until that mentality changes, we are going to be fed a  lot of sh!t sandwiches.  But some will take solace in the fact that they can get these with a side order of pee.

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