BREAKING: I Am Now A Conservative Democrat

by: OpenLeft

Fri Jan 01, 2010 at 22:00

We at Open Left are taking the New Year's weekend off.  Golden Oldies will run in their place.  Regularly Scheduled programming will resume on January 4th--Chris Bowers

A Chris Bowers Golden Oldie
June 22, 2009.
Original HERE.

After several years of trying to "retake" the Democratic Party and make it more progressive, today I am giving up and becoming a conservative Democrat. Upon careful consideration, the benefits packages are simply too heavily tilted toward the corporate wing of the party. Check it out:

So really, why would anyone be a progressive Democrat given the different bonus packages that are on offer? I think my move makes a lot of sense. Every Democrat should be a conservative.
OpenLeft :: BREAKING: I Am Now A Conservative Democrat

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