Arlen Specter defends flat tax; proposes eliminating estate tax and dividend taxes permanently

by: Chris Bowers

Thu Feb 11, 2010 at 23:00

The wingnuttiest proposal from a Democratic Senate candidate this cycle is Arlen Specter's flat tax.

For fifteen years, Arlen Specter has supported a 20% flat tax proposal that would slash taxes on the rich and significantly raise them on working families.  He introduced it as recently as March of last year.

While it was reasonable to assume that Specter had dropped this position now that he had become a Democrat, Specter's website is still promoting the plan and his campaign spokespeople are still defending his flat tax proposal today:

Rep. Joe Sestak opened a new front in his assault on Sen. Arlen Specter as his campaign criticized the incumbent's long-standing support for a flat tax to replace the current income tax system.(...)

Chris Nicholas, Mr. Specter's campaign manager, dismissed the criticism as "yet another negative attack from Sestak.''

"Because his attack didn't spell out any new approach on this issue, he must be endorsing the status quo, odd for a guy who keeps trying to tell us he's an outsider,'' Mr. Nicholas said.  "Specter's flat tax would downsize the IRS and save all Americans time and money. Sestak should explain why he's against that.'

This article is from today.  And from Specter's website, he adds that he would like to see the estate tax and dividend taxes permanently repealed in their entirety:

In March 1995, I introduced the first bill in the Senate that would create a Federal flat tax.  This legislation proposes completely replacing current tax provisions with an across-the-board 20 percent Federal tax on the income of individuals and businesses.  I also included provisions in this bill that would eliminate the estate tax as well as the tax on dividends.  In the 110th Congress, I reaffirmed my commitment to reforming the Federal tax system by introducing similar flat tax legislation.

Now, I work for Joe Sestak, so take this with whatever grain of salt you want.  However, no matter who the messenger is on this one, this is hard-core right-wing tax policy.  It is coming from a Democratic Senator in Pennsylvania, and he is still promoting it on his Senate website, and defending it through campaign spokespeople.

Oh, Specter doesn't think the Christmas bombing subject should have been read Miranda rights, either.

And remember Specter coming out against the war in Afghanistan?  Well, he hasn't introduced a single bill, or cast a single vote against the war, but he has since suggested that we pre-emptively attack Yemen.

This is some pretty right-wing stuff.  If you don't think Arlen Specter will maintain a façade of supporting progressive policies once the primary is over, check out Joe Sestak.  He is on Facebook and Twitter, too.

Chris Bowers :: Arlen Specter defends flat tax; proposes eliminating estate tax and dividend taxes permanently

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