Obama to delay overseas trip; implies House health reform vote next Friday or Saturday

by: Chris Bowers

Fri Mar 12, 2010 at 10:26

Update--Originally the headline said President Obama was going to Afghanistan.  That was a mistake caused by trying to finish the article before hopping on a conference call.  Didn't catch it--sorry.  Chris Bowers

The White House breaks some news over Twitter:

The President will delay leaving for Indonesia and Australia - will now leave Sunday - the First Lady and the girls will not be on the trip.

The trip will last five days, from March 21st through March 26th.  If President Obama is delaying his trip, that strongly implies the House leadership is looking a vote on the Senate health reform bill for next Saturday, March 20th, at the very latest. He is sticking around to sign it into law, so the Senate can take up the reconciliation bill that the House will pass nearly simultaneously.  Altogether, this will allow the Senate to take up the reconciliation bill as quickly as possible, and pass it before Latin Easter (Sunday, April 4th)..

If the vote was going to take place after March 20th, then President Obama would actually be better served by leaving on the 18th, and signing the Senate health reform when he returned.

Rumors are still flying that the House Budget Committee will begin marking up (aka, amending, debating, and voting on) the reconciliation fix to the Senate health reform bill on Monday.   There is still no confirmation on the Budget Committee's website.

The first draft of the bill appears to be done.  It has been presented to the Democratic House caucus, and is awaiting a score from the CBO.  The score is expected to appear either today or over the weekend.  The Budget Committee won't begin work on the bill until the score is in.

All in all, barring a long delay from the CBO, it looks like the House will wrap up health reform over the next eight or nine days.  Do they have the votes?  Neither David Dayen nor The Hill have very optimistic looking whip counts.  This is going to be an intense eight or nine days.

Chris Bowers :: Obama to delay overseas trip; implies House health reform vote next Friday or Saturday

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I have to think they THINK they have the votes... otherwise they'd still be negotiating.   Something must have been done to get the remaining votes since Stupak is apparently going to continue to be a douche.

Hehe (0.00 / 0)
Would be nice to know what's in our new law a week before it is planned to be passed, wouldn't it?  

I would really, really rather see a public vote on the PO or Medicare for all before this kabuki theater wraps up.

Easter Recess (0.00 / 0)
for both houses effectively begins on Friday March 26. The official date is Monday March 29 (first night of Passover).

Even if the House passes the Reconciliation fix simultaneously with the Senate HCR bill, that means the Senate would have only 9 days, including weekends, to pass it through reconciliation. 6 weekdays. That's possible, and it's the proper tactic to bring it to the floor and hold the vote right before a recess, but... the Republican maneuvers and the amendment vote-a-rama could force the Senate to stay in session right up to Good Friday, or until they run out of amendments, or until Reid moves to declare them dilatory. Hardball, just in time for opening day. I loves me some American politics.

Is there (0.00 / 0)
some consensus on what, broadly, the sidecar legislation will be?  I don't understand how Pelosi can pass the Senate Bill without a promise from the Senate on the substance of the reconciliation bill.  The latest news does not seem consistent with the earlier statements by House leaders.

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I believe it contains much of what was discussed before the Mass election.

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What difference does it make (0.00 / 0)
whether President Obama is in the country or not?

He doesn't have a vote, does he?

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