LGBT tab dump

by: Adam Bink

Fri Mar 26, 2010 at 19:00

Chris beat me to the Friday tab dump, but that's OK, because mine's an LGBT one anyway. Here's what I'm reading around the tubes:

  • Courage Campaign and GetEqual has a petition from Cleve Jones, a longtime friend of Speaker Pelosi, asking her to move ENDA after recess. You can read and sign here. They're going to deliver it to her offices during recess.

    Meanwhile, Barney Frank says "it's our turn" and Tammy Baldwin says she's counted and the votes are there in the House. OpenLeft will also be partnering in an action on ENDA in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

  • Up in Maine, the Catholic Diocese- one of the most vicious opponents of marriage equality last fall- announced it was withdrawing funding from Preble Street, a non-profit serving disadvantaged women, teens, and other people with food, shelter and support, because Preble Street joined a coalition in favor of a No vote on question 1. In response, the Diocese demanded its $15K back and rescinded a 2nd $15K award, while Catholic Charities Maine demanded its $2,400 back. There has been an outpouring of outrage and support for charity for charity's sake. I know a lot of Maine Catholics who have given this week, including the awesome mom of Joe Sudbay over at AMERICABlog. Check out Bill Nemitz's column here, and Catholics for Marriage Equality, a new group run by Anne Underwood (a very smart organizer I interviewed in Maine) has a donate page here.

  • HRC President Joe Solmonese has a very measured response to Dan Choi's criticism here. My earlier piece is here if you'd like some background.

  • Asked about the new DADT regulations and the White House commitment on the issue, Barney Frank says, "They're ducking. Basically, yeah, they're not being supportive, and they're letting Gates be the spokesman, which is a great mistake."

  • HRC is launching a new nationwide tour of veterans discharged under DADT and their allies. Those featured are here. I have an unconfirmed list of dates and tour stops, and I'll get a full list up as soon as it's finalized. Target states are WV, NE, VA, IN, FL.

  • Would sure be nice to see our Commander in Chief, or Admiral Mullen, step up and smack this guy down.

  • These new numbers on HIV rate of infection in DC are really, really scary- and according to the piece, may even be off-target because they may have not sampled enough in establishments frequented by African-American men. A friend of mine has generated a lot of good activism on this through FUK!T, a DC non-profit which sets up tables I see at nightclubs and bars so guys can take a free package with condoms, lube and safe-sex information cards when they go home for the night. It's a very smart, prevention-oriented campaign whose budget was just cut. A $10/month (tax-deductible!) donation pays for 2400 kits, and I just signed up to contribute exactly that. You can donate here. If that's not enough to entice you, check out these hot videos and pics featuring world-famous porn stars (sorry, I couldn't resist).

  • Freedom to Marry, a smart pro-marriage equality organization, is expanding their staff in NYC. Several jobs here.

    Have a good weekend!

Adam Bink :: LGBT tab dump

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LGBT tab dump | 5 comments
General Conway (4.00 / 3)
Somebody needs to explain to this doofus that some of 'his Marines' are already bunking with homosexuals.

Agreed (4.00 / 1)
I think you might have to be more explicit yet, though, to get him to understand that that some of "his Marines" are "homosexual." Though he'll probably disown them.

[ Parent ]
DADT (4.00 / 1)
Small "fixes" around the edges in lieu of repealing it. Gates saying that Congress should not even attempt to repeal it until after the year long Pentagon Working Group completes its study.

Won't be surprised by the Dems stating in 2011 that they really, really, seriously wanted to repeal DADT but now they lack the majority votes needed to do it. And BTW, send money and elect more Democrats so that we can do it after the next election and the next and the next.

Barney Frank (4.00 / 3)
said of the small fixes, and those who support them, including the WH, "They're ducking."

And I think you are correct -- we will soon hear the excuses as to why they couldn't repeal DADT, along with "send money" and "we promise we'll fix it in the future." Oh, and "where else can you go?"  

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Force Factor (0.00 / 0)
It proves to the world what a basically humanitarian country the U.S. is.
You should be proud and other countries should be trying to emulate you.
Force Factor

LGBT tab dump | 5 comments

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