Lanny Davis writes off Obama's re-election chances

by: Chris Bowers

Thu Jun 17, 2010 at 18:07

In a typical concern trolling article claiming to want to "save the Democratic Party," as well as President Obama's "progressive agenda," Lanny Davis suffers a bit of a Freudian slip in writing off President Obama's re-election chances (emphasis mine):

Two events last week involving elements of the Democratic Party who call themselves the "true progressives" show a danger they represent to the progressive change they say they want to effect. Together they offer President Barack Obama an opportunity for a "Sister Souljah moment" - perhaps to save the Democratic Party majority in both houses of Congress, as well as his progressive agenda in the last two years of his administration.

The last two years of Obama's administration, eh?  I guess Davis has given up on the 2012 elections, since a victory in that election would mean the Obama administration has another six years (and seven months) to go.

Democrats and President Obama should definitely follow the electoral advice of someone who has written off Obama's re-election chances in 2012.  Anyone who offers you advice, and who thinks you are going to lose even if you follow that advice, must definitely be acting in good faith. As such, Obama and Dems should seize upon this can't-miss "opportunity."

Chris Bowers :: Lanny Davis writes off Obama's re-election chances

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Why does anyone listen to Davis? .. (4.00 / 4)
has he ever been right about anything? .. and why are jackasses like him Democrats?  They don't believe in anything the party is supposed to stand for.

Lanny Davis: Concern Troll (0.00 / 0)
Since this is Lanny we're talking about, this essentially assures Obama's re-election. Can't say I'm terribly happy about that, but it is what it is.

Anyone who offers you advice, and who thinks you are going to lose even if you follow that advice, must definitely be acting in good faith.

Yep. But I'll give Lanny points for consistency. Jeebus, what an overpaid loser.

"More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly." -Woody Allen, My Speech to the Graduates

Lanny Davis is too stupid to write an article (4.00 / 1)
It's not fair that he gets to write in The Hill and none of us (AFAIK) do.

But the negative TV ads against Lincoln paid for by labor and the netroots were often long on innuendo and personal attacks and short on substance (since she actually supported Obama's stimulus bill and national healthcare measure). Now she faces a general election in the red state of Arkansas, which voted for John McCain over Obama by a margin of 20 percentage points in 2008. Isn't this an example of a self-destructive political strategy by people who call themselves "progressives"?

You might want to look at the polls showing Lincoln behind Boozman by a huge margin (irrespective of the primary challenge, which may very well have helped her slightly for the general), and Halter doing better than Lincoln against Boozman (through higher undecideds), before you write such ignorance.  Lanny.

A close friend of mine and an early Obama/anti-war liberal e-mailed me this message after reading about attacks on Obama and Pelosi by these self-anointed "progressives":

"Did you see the way Pelosi was shouted at and heckled at that [liberal] political rally last week? All that blood that she spilled to get [national] health[care legislation] passed and they're pissed there was no public option. Where exactly are you on the political spectrum when you are to the left of Nancy Pelosi? Are you even on the political spectrum?"

Your close friend is apparently as stupid as you are, Lanny.  They apparently haven't heard of Medicare for All.  I'd like to know whether your close friend is even on the IQ spectrum.

A progressive's heuristic (4.00 / 2)
Find out what Lanny Davis is doing or recommending.

Do the opposite.

Did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts? Hot ashes for trees? Hot air for a cool breeze? And cold comfort for change?

Great Catch! (0.00 / 0)
Thanks for seeing through this phony--with a little assist from Sigmund.

Only in Lanny's world (4.00 / 4)
has the president not yet have run against his base.

Speaking of Davis, D-Day has a nice little snippet.

There seems to be an outbreak of "STFU" coming from defenders of the Administration - see Lanny Davis, Jonathan Alter, Jonathan Chait, John Cole. I guess I don't understand why they give a crap. Who cares what "The angry Left" has to say - it's an axiom inside Washington that they're powerless and unimportant, anyway. As Glenn Greenwald tweeted, "That contradiction has been around forever: (1) The Fringe, Meaningless Left which (2) is RUINING EVERYTHING!!!"

Sorry, Lanny. (0.00 / 0)
Obama has already crapped all over everybody in the Democratic base- there's nobody else left.


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