More united than divided: Coming together for Patrick Murphy

by: Adam Bink

Thu Oct 21, 2010 at 16:30

Cross-posted at Crooks and Liars

For those of you who follow LGBT politics, you'll know there's a lot of what some call "infighting". Infighting over tactics, messaging, how much Obama should be supported vs. criticized, and the like. It can get distracting and sometimes very personal.

A few weeks ago, myself, along with Joe Sudbay over at AMERICABlog and Rick Jacobs at the Courage Campaign, were chatting about all this. We agreed that (a) while debate over tactics etc. can be healthy, the division can threaten to undermine votes for LGBT equality coming up on Election Day (b) Despite the headlines, this community is more united than divided. There are a lot of voices in the pro-equality chorus, and like brothers and sisters in a family, we all sing in our own unique way. But when push comes to shove, we are always singing the same song.

So we decided to ask some of the bigger names in all these headlines if they would set their differences aside and come together on a common cause: that cause being re-electing Rep. Patrick Murphy, who led the fight to pass repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell in the House.

Murphy, who stormed back from being down double digits in the polls to being up 46-43 in yesterday's The Hill poll, is in a tough fight in an economically depressed district. DC Conventional Wisdom told him to stop working on that gay stuff and focus on jobs, jobs, jobs. Needless to say, he ignored them, worked side by side with those of us in the LGBT and allied community (online AND offline), whipped the votes, went on Maddow and anywhere else he could find to talk loud and proud about how important this cause is to him- a straight veteran- and got it done. He kept his promise.

So with the help of Dan Manatt at, we produced this video to send that message: that we're coming together to get Patrick's back because he got ours. Everyone was so excited that they recorded it right where they are, day of- wherever they could.

Please share the video widely, and chip in- whether you're LGBT or a straight ally- to re-elect a pro-equality, fighting Dem.

Adam Bink :: More united than divided: Coming together for Patrick Murphy

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Thanks for this (4.00 / 1)
And I hope it's the beginning of more to come. I particularly appreciate the express acknowledgement about the disagreements as a part of the message. We do, and we will, have different ideas and perspectives on lots of things, and it's simply honest to have that reality acknowledged, while also showing there are ways we can come together.  


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