95 Bold Democrats make Net Neutrality an Election Issue!

by: Forrest_Brown

Thu Oct 28, 2010 at 16:46

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In a year where Democrats are running from their records, I'm excited to report that 95 Bold Democrats together with the PCCC went on offense today announcing they'll fight to protect Net Neutrality.

As PCCC senior online campaigns director Jason Rosenbaum said this morning, this announcement is " the first time ever that congressional candidates have joined together to make net neutrality an election issue."

The media are already reporting on this news today. The candidates involved are asking the public to make clear that Internet freedom is important to voters by being a "citizen signer" of our joint candidate statement on Net Neutrality? Click here to see it and sign. (Please also donate to help pro-Net Neutrality candidates win next week. Chip in $3 here.)

Forrest_Brown :: 95 Bold Democrats make Net Neutrality an Election Issue!
The campaign has already been covered by Wired, The Hill, the National Journal and PC Magazine.

Bold progressive Ann McLane Kuster (NH-02) is leading the charge. She emailed PCCC members today to explain how Net Neutrality affects New Hampshire. She said:

Let me tell you how protecting Net Neutrality affects voters and jobs here in New Hampshire.

Phone and cable companies want to put tollbooths on the Internet -- forcing businesses, organizations, and individuals to pay extra for their websites to open quickly on people's computers.

Big corporations like Exxon Mobil could afford this cost. But small businesses, economic innovators, independent media, and grassroots groups could not. Losing Net Neutrality would stifle free speech, innovation, and jobs.

Especially in the "Live Free or Die" state, hurting Internet freedom by putting new tollbooths on the Internet is a non-starter. And across the nation, Democratic candidates agree.

To win this election, Democrats need to be bold. It's Ann Kuster's progressive boldness that recently resulted in her race moving from "toss up" to "leans Dem" -- how often is THAT happening this year?

Can you join 5,000 6,000 7,000 others and become a "citizen signer" of our joint candidate Net Neutrality statement? Read the statement and sign here.

We've already raised $10,000 for some of these Bold Democrats in just 3 hours - can you help us get to $15,000 by chipping in $3?.

(I'm the senior organizing fellow for the PCCC)

P.S. If you're on Reddit, please give a point to this too.

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Wedge Issue to bring in the Youth vote?/PAWNS!? (0.00 / 0)
Geee, it seems like we've been here before ...just Before an election?! ...A Wedge Issue to bring in the Youth vote? ...Like Obama being on Jon Stewart!? ...And, after the election, they can just ignore it & us again?! ....So, what are they going to do, put net neutrality on the front burner again, and then either piss it away to the corporatists, or simply take it back off the stove until the next election! ....Handy! ...And, I just Love being considered a reusable Pawn! :(


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