Republican death panels

by: Paul Rosenberg

Sun Nov 21, 2010 at 11:00

It had to happen.  It's the iron law of conservatism: whatever conservatives accuse liberals of doing, it's always something they're guilty of themselves:

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Paul Rosenberg :: Republican death panels

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I just made small contributions (4.00 / 1)
to these men.  I could only afford small amounts because my own health has been bad the last few months and I've missed 5 weeks of work due to it.  Luckily they have medical leave for us, so I didn't lose my own health care coverage, which I very much needed during this time.  But my income was nil.

But I figured that if enough of us make small contributions that it could make a difference.  So I did.

What really upset me was how many patients were on the list that I had to scroll through to help these two men.  Our system leaves thousands begging for help from strangers just to get their medical needs met.

This boils my blood.

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