Presidential Pardon for Ted Stevens?

by: tremayne

Mon Jan 19, 2009 at 00:12

George Bush has less than 36 hours left to screw things up. Will one of his final acts be a pardon for former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens? CBS News says Senator Lisa Murkowski has called President Bush and requested just that:

Murkowski’s spokesperson, Mike Brumas spoke to CBS News' Ryan Corsaro by phone, saying that Sen. Murkowski had made the request to President Bush, but would not give details.

“It's a sensitive time right now,” said Brumas after confirming the pardon had been requested. Murkowski does not have an announcement scheduled for tomorrow. 

Stevens was convicted in October of seven felony counts related to recieving illegal gifts.

tremayne :: Presidential Pardon for Ted Stevens?

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Why should Bush pardon Stevens? (4.00 / 1)
What's in it for him?  Has he ever done anything for any other reason in his life?  I don't see it.

They STOLE 350 billion w/ 4 months left, of course (0.00 / 0)
they're gonna pardon all their cronies.

They ALWAYS catch me off guard with what they do cuz I would never think of such evil things to do, BUT, then I reflect on the proper thing to do for a completely evil selfish fascist fuck, and what they do makes sense.

I ain't gonna believe it until 12:00:01 on Tuesday, the start of the second second of Obama.


It is too full o' the milk of human kindness To catch the nearest way

It would fit ... (0.00 / 0)
I mean Bush commuted Libby's sentence .. but is Stevens that important to Bush? .. we know Libby was(because Darth Cheney said so .. meaning Darth whispered in Bush's ear)

He might as well just blanket pardon all present and past Republican Senators (0.00 / 0)
that's what I would do if I was a sad sadistic bastard with contempt for the law like Bush is. Just one final FU to the country. Before history absolves me, of course.

Can he pardon people (0.00 / 0)
who haven't been charged (yet)?

If he can, I would expect a blanket pardon for any political appointee from the past 8 years.

Except McClellan.

That said, a blanket pardon for any republican, whether Senator, Representative, staffer, lobbyist, whatever, who is under investigation or in prison for any activities over the past 8 years would not be a surprise.

Bush will go out with the biggest Fuck You that he can.

Assholes like him always find a way to screw up as much as they can before they go.  Look at Blagojevich appointing Burris.  The whole objective of that was to tell everyone to stick it where the sun doesn't shine.  Blago and Bush are remarkably similar.


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