A Letter to New Hampshire on Iraq

by: Matt Stoller

Thu Sep 06, 2007 at 12:18

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Today, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama released new campaign ads.  Obama's was a milquetoast piece discussing his stance on ethics.  Clinton's was deeply offensive, claiming, once again, that she'll end the war.  Her original ad is here, and I made this response by splicing in some of her remarks to the New York Times on keeping troops in Iraq.

Hillary Clinton is saying she'll end the war in her ads while her advisors talk about tens of thousands of troops in Iraq until 2012.  I really do hope New Hampshire and Iowa start to show that they do awesome retail politics at some point. 

Matt Stoller :: A Letter to New Hampshire on Iraq

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Some of the captions are hard to read because they are on the screen for a second or less.

I you want health care, work hard. If you want universal health care, vote for liberals.

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You might want to try lovingj, s/he does a great job on Hillary hit videos. S/he could use your help on content.


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