Need info about condemnation bill

by: ContraCostaCA

Thu Sep 27, 2007 at 19:28

I've set up a meeting with the person I believe is the head of one of my Democratic Congresswoman's District offices on Monday.

I explained that I'd like to know why the Congresswoman voted to condemn when she hasn't called specifically for the condemnation of Senator Chuck Hagel for his equally negative statements about General Petraeus.

Are cititzens not allowed to condemn the activities of a military official who has repeatedly mislead the American people?  Is it that only Senators and elected members of the House have the right and responsibility to condemn these military officials?

ContraCostaCA :: Need info about condemnation bill
Over the phone I was told:

1  My Congresswoman (Tauscher of CA-10) has condemned the remarks of Senator Hagel.  Perhaps what the district official meant was some general statement of condemenation.  I'll find out on Monday.  If anyone knows anything about such a thing, I'd appreciate the information.

2  That the the condemnation was part of a larger bill that included the SCHIP  legislation.  This was news to me.  Any truth in this?  Any other background info about it?

3  That the Congresswoman voted to condemn because she thought it's ad was "counterproductive".

Answers to questions above and message theme tips much appreciated.

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What other cases exist where members of the Congress have voted to condemn the free speech of American citizens?


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