ActBlue & Blogosphere Day

by: Tim Tagaris

Thu Jul 19, 2007 at 00:00

(Tim has played an instrumental role in both this and past year's Blogosphere Day. No better way to kick it off than with a message from Tagaris himself. - promoted by KTatActBlue)

BlogospheredayHappy Blogosphere Day!

It seems like yesterday I was constantly clicking refresh while watching Ginny Schrader's fundraising numbers shoot through the roof on ActBlue.

Or 2005, as I sat in my Ohio apartment, talking on the phone with Hackett campaign staff while Bob Brigham noted the different blogs and institutions raising money for the OH-2 Special Election.

Or last year, at Ned Lamont's campaign headquarters, as your outpouring of support propelled the campaign to an unlikely primary victory.

But today, I didn't make a contribution to an individual candidate -- I made it to what is probably the most valuable piece of progressive infrastructure out there: ActBlue.

I recorded a short video talking about why I gave my $50 to ActBlue this blogosphere day, and I hope you'll join me in making this years' festivities even more exciting than the past three.  -- Tim

Tim Tagaris :: ActBlue & Blogosphere Day

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Thank you Tim!! (0.00 / 0)
Tim -- huge thanks for your enthusiasm and support in putting today together!

Want Blue States? ActBlue.

As A Fellow (0.00 / 0)
Schrader and Lamont veteran I just proudly threw in my $50!

Good times (0.00 / 0)
I do miss those salad days.

Still... it eats me that she's in that seat.


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