Dodd Slams Second-Choice Deals In Iowa

by: Chris Bowers

Wed Jan 02, 2008 at 14:43

Doesn't look like Chris Dodd will be telling his supporters to back anyone else in the event he fails to reach the 15% viability threshold. Todd Beeton has a rush transcript of remarks Dodd made today:

Well, I don't think that Kucinich supporters in Iowa like the idea that Dennis is going to tell them how to vote tomorrow night. I went back and stood up and filibustered on the constitution the other day, Barack Obama did not. I know Kucinich supporters here care about the constitution.(…)

I don't think they're going to walk into a caucus at Dennis's behest and cast a ballot he'd like them to cast. This is not an auction here. [...]

I'll make up my own mind as a caucus-goer but don't you tell me as a candidate, in fact I'm offended that you'd even suggest that I ought to do what you want me to do. [...]

The idea that you're willing to market me, to auction me off to some other campaign would truly bother me.

Clearly, there won't be any deals from the Dodd campaign. I think he is basically right in his criticism of such deals, too.

Throughout this campaign, I have admitted not only Dodd's leadership, but also that he is playing to win. For Dodd, no matter how much a longshot he has been, it isn't just about influencing the policy debate, or jockeying for a high-level position in the next administration. He has run hard, and made a full-throated case for why he should become the next President. That is something to be admired, and Dodd supporters should be proud.

Chris Bowers :: Dodd Slams Second-Choice Deals In Iowa

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I don't know (0.00 / 0)
(I've lurked for a while, just getting up to posting)

While I agree that "deals" are undemocratic and distasteful, I'm not so sure there actually is one in this case. Kucinich may have recommended that his supporters caucus for Obama, but  does anyone really think that Obama will do anything for Kucinich?

My impression was that Kucinich just wanted to be in the news and this was the only way for him to do so.

Also, and this is a minor quibble, but if Barack Obama is being disingenuous for saying that he passed strong ethics reform, isn't Dodd similarly disingenuous for saying he filibustered on the Constitution? Telecom immunity was/is a serious issue, but it is not like Dodd's filibuster restored habeus corpus or the proper balance of powers between branches of government. 

Personally, I'm willing to give them both the benefit of the doubt, but both acts were relatively minor. Perhaps all a Senator can do in the face of Bush corruption and illegality, but minor nonetheless. 

Majority Leader? (0.00 / 0)

Kucinich supporters will probably do what they're told (0.00 / 0)
Not to totally talk trash, but most that I know have the same authoritarian streak that makes dealing with the Greens so unpleasant. I bet most will break the way Dennis tells them to.

In CT, sadly, the party pulled a "second choice deal" on Dodd, though, moving the Delegate Pledge deadline from before the primary to several weeks after, so notables and Convention regulars that pledged to support Dodd don't need to go on the record against him before the primary date.


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