House, Senate pass 15-day extension

by: Tim Tagaris

Tue Jan 29, 2008 at 18:22

Cue Colbert "I called it" balloons on 15 days instead of 30.

We'll see if the President has the stones to veto it.  I suspect he does not, despite his threat to veto a 30-day extension.

What this should do is prove to members of a weak-kneed caucus that we can beat those who want to shred the Constitution, and we don't have to acquiesce to their every demand.  Republicans are feeling unexpected heat, and if the PAA portion of FISA ends up expiring there is a recognition on the GOP side of the aisle that the fallout might just land in their laps.  I firmly believe this comes in part from the netroots solid pushback in Congress and with the press.

What will happen next?  My best guess is that we'll cave on the issue of 50 votes vs. 60 for germane amendments and face down another cloture vote that doesn't end as well as the first one from yesterday. 

Winning an 18-month extension (the best we can do?), might just depend on Dodd's willingness to draw this thing out, and Pelosi's resolve not to give in on the issue.

Tim Tagaris :: House, Senate pass 15-day extension

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This is great that you're watching this so closely.

You know I have yet to really read anything that explains why this is even a fight for us.

I know Dems are scared about being painted weak on terrorism. I know telecoms donate to the Dems (Chris or Paul I think posted on this a while back).

But is it really that simple?

I expected this to be like Iraq or SCHIP-- a small handful of stragglers going over to the RepubliCon side, but for the most part we would have the backing of the full Democratic congress.

Why are there so few dedicated Dems on this issue?

Can you post a recommend an analysis?

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