Googlebomb McCain: Choosing YouTub Videos

by: Chris Bowers

Thu Apr 03, 2008 at 13:24

Even thought he primary campaign will continue for at least another three weeks, and probably another two months, the time has come to start seriously working on defeating John McCain in the general election. As part of that effort, one of my main campaigns this cycle will be to reprise the 2006 search engine optimization campaign, Googlebomb the Elections, in an expanded, long-lasting, and more thoroughgoing fashion against John McCain. From now through the November elections, I will have at least two articles a week on this campaign

The premise of the campaign is simple. The most common political action Americans take online is to look for information on candidates, and so directing them toward negative, trustworthy information on John McCain during those searches will be worth millions, even tens of millions, of effective voter contacts. Due to Google's search ranking algorithm, and because many of us have our own websites, this is a form of direct, electoral action that bloggers are uniquely positioned to carry out through the widespread use of identical embedded hyperlinks.

Today, I would like to open the soft relaunch of the campaign with an eye on which McCain related YouTube videos we would most like voters to see. Already, YouTube is the fifth result for Google searches on "McCain", and the fourth result for searches on "John McCain". This extremely high search engine ranking for YouTube on the most common searches on McCain makes optimizing the best McCain related videos essential to this SEO (Googlebomb) campaign. Already the two videos that appear on these searches have 1.6M and 550,000 views respectively. Here they are:

The first video is an Obama supporter video that satirically mocks McCain for his position on endless Iraq occupation. The second is a video from Brave New Films that focuses on McCain's double-speak on easy victory in Iraq, pandering to the religious right, the South Carolina state flag, and gay marriage. Both have pretty high production values, and use humor to attack two of McCain's perceived strengths: Iraq and "straight-talk." Really, not too bad at all.

Still, there is reason to think that there might be better videos out there to optimize on Google, especially considering the extremely prominent position these two videos currently hold on searches for McCain. For one thing, neither video comes from a source that many people have heard of or would consider "objective." Second, neither video mentions McCain's ties to lobbyists, which should be an important message point this campaign cycle. Third, attacking McCain for flip-flopping on gay marriage and the South Carolina flag feels, well, really 2004 and 2000 respectively. Hard to imagine that either issue is forefront in the minds of voters these days. When the country is collapsing around us, those issues feel kind of trite. Finally, neither of the Google result for either video clearly identify themselves as being informative about McCain, making people less likely to click through to watch the video.

So, what I am asking is, with the literally hundreds of YouTube videos out there on McCain, are these the two we want to be the most prominent on Google searches? During the seven months between now and the general election, literally millions of people will see Google search results on McCain that will include two links to YouTube videos. Is this the best we can do? They aren't bad, but I am strongly inclined to look around for some others. So, today, I am asking you to sift through YouTube, and find other videos that you would like voters looking for info on McCain to watch. If you have any ideas, please send me an email or post them in the comments.  

Chris Bowers :: Googlebomb McCain: Choosing YouTub Videos

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The idea has one draw back... (0.00 / 0)
Chances are that for the most part we will be the ones who read or watch Google and You is sort of like an attack submariner hearing his own sonar.

Clinton in '08. Or give Carter a 2nd term. Vote for Obama!

no, Chris Bowers' 2006 googlebomb... (4.00 / 1)
...swung the election. The media will not force facts into the factosphere. We need to give them an organised push.

The truth is really not out there.

John McCain vetoes every Environmental Bill already.

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Can I send you facts ? (4.00 / 1)
I would like to googlebomb his actual environmental record that belies his posturing on global warming. The complete lack of any energy plan on his site.

It is really alarming to me how the google looks now on his global warming bipartisan maverick persona: check McCain global warming v Obama global warming and you'd think there was no difference.

Huge difference!

Partly thats coz us nitpicky democrats care enough to hold our candidates accountable, where Republicans will buy any pretty story, but Independants looking now would certainly be fooled! And we are competing with McCain for Independants.

Theres some links below in my sig, but I would put the entire list together. Its far worse than just this.

John McCain vetoes every Environmental Bill already.

If is is from a source people would trust (0.00 / 0)
then sure, send it along.  

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oh, exactly (0.00 / 0)
checkable facts like his Senate roll call votes on specific bills that sort of thing.... I wouldn't even stoop to edited video gotcha moments as they do not influence me.

John McCain vetoes every Environmental Bill already.

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Straight Talk (0.00 / 0)
I actually think the second video is exactly what we need out there.  The #1 most important thing to do is hit McCain on his image of straight talk and being an independent maverick who is always true to his own ideals.  That is his strength and as we all know isn't actually true.  If this image can be broken he has nothing else to fall back on.

Raining McCain? (0.00 / 0)
I'm being at least three-quarters serious here: have you considered It's Raining McCain? It has a few key advantages.  First, it reinforces the notion that McCain is old, clueless and out of touch, which plays up some key weaknesses and serves as a nice contrast with Obama.  Secondly, it's not from a progressive/Democratic source.  

Yes! (0.00 / 0)
Dear God, I promise to start maybe believing in you if you please let this be the defining video of John McCain this election season. I haven't been able to stop laughing about it ever since it surfaced.

Even better is the response by the lead McCain girl to all the people laughing at her. She was so pissed off to find out that she sucks.

Conduct your own interview of Sarah Palin!

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attack him on his strengths (0.00 / 0)
we already know he blows on the economy.
we already know that he's pissed off the conservative base.
we already know he wants to stay in Iraq indefinitely.

what are his strengths?

that he's a "maverick" (HA!)
that he's ready to be "commander in chief" (ready to bomb Iran)

the second video is close to hitting the mark on the maverick stuff. but what we really need is to establish just how Bush like he is. the double-speak doesn't matter nearly as much as chilling with pat robertson in the first place. the fact that he opposed the tax cuts initially might actually be a BENEFIT to him. just nail him on being so close to Bush, first off.

as for the "commander in chief" thing, the video might not exist yet. in fact, the source material might not exist yet. once again, we need to show how close to Bush he's been on this issue. But we also need to show how plain stupid he is -- with the bomb bomb Iran stuff. And if we can get one or two really angry moments from him, we can throw his entire trust into question. Show that he has bad judgment, and that he's impulsively stupid to boot.

Help (0.00 / 0)
Okay, pretend I'm 8 years old.  What is a Googlebomb?  How do I participate in making one?  Thanks in advance.

Here's How (4.00 / 1)
Wikipedia has a good description of Googlebombing.

Here is Chris's previous diary on this.

Once we decide on some target articles or YouTube videos, then we get thousands of people to all link to those so that Google will point to those articles first when a search on John McCain is made.

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Is it more/less/same if it's done using a new website or (0.00 / 0)
is any old website fine?

Less Jobs, More Wars (0.00 / 0)
I like the Brave New Film video -- points out all the flip-flops. But here's another idea:

MSNBC commentators on McCain's platform: "Less Jobs, More Wars". And it is only 23 seconds long -- perfect for those low-interest/information voters.

Second One (0.00 / 0)
I like the first video, but there's nothing more damning than McCain's own words, his own contradictions.  If anything, the second one should be expanded.  There's a lot of stuff that's left out, particularly his recent gaffes.

Well known and "objective" (0.00 / 0)
"Objective" organisations, particularly those that are well known, tend to be mainstream media. They have a massive hard-on for McCain.

In 2006 one could be pickier, because Republican congresscritters were dirty like coprophilia and the mainstream media reported their scandals more. I'm not sure that applies with McCain.

If a source does not identify itself as a partisan opponent of McCain and remains factually accurate, I say promote it. If nothing else, you'll push organisations like Brave New Films into the public consciousness.

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