Nothing To Fear From McCain's VP

by: Chris Bowers

Fri Apr 11, 2008 at 07:00

Rumors that Condoleezza Rice will be John McCain's VP keep popping up, and keep getting smacked back down. Of course, as I am learning on my trip here in Israel, Rice is actually a far less viable Vice-Presidential candidate than people think, since running for VP in 2008 means she would have to completely abandon her role in the newly reconstituted peace process in Israel. Simply put, there can not be a viable Israeli-Palestinian peace process without the United States acting as a third-party facilitator for the talks, and for the first seven years of the Bush administration the biggest complaint the Israelis had with the United States is that it had entirely disengaged with the process. Only in the last few months has Rice begun to finally begun to do the work necessary to keep the talks going on even the most narrowly viable level. While she is receiving some praise for her apparent earnest--though probably far too late--interest in the process over here, if she were to run for vice-president now, it would mean an instant end to the process, all for her personal glory of achieving greater power. It is hard to think of a worse way to begin your campaign for vice-president than by personally causing the nascent peace talks to end in the interests of self-glorification. And I'm sure that causing the Israeli-Palestinian peace process to spontaneously combust for the interests of his campaign would work really well for McCain, given that he is already facing regular charges of desiring endless war in Iraq, escalated war in Afghanistan, and new war with Iran.

While Rice is an impossible vice-presidential pick for McCain, and while she has repeatedly stated that she will not run for the spot, that her name keeps cropping up is a sign of the sorry state of the Republican Party nationwide. Simply put, Republicans keep suggesting Rice because, besides McCain, she is the only Republican with a remotely positive national profile right now. There is no other Republican who McCain could choose as VP that could help McCain anywhere outside of the prospective VP's home state. Charlie Crist might help McCain in Florida, but otherwise there just isn't someone out there who can make a real difference for him pretty much anywhere. Don't expect McCain to get any real boost from his VP.

For that matter, I'm starting to feel more and more confident about the general election overall. McCain has led Obama in only three of the last eleven general election polls, and that is before Obama starts pressing his very real advantages in the general election. Come June, Obama will be able to start pushing advantages like a 3-1 fundraising advantage, vastly superior grassroots energy and organization, real media focus on McCain, a slowly uniting Democratic Party, and no more validating of Republican attacks on topics like "inexperience" and "Jeremiah Wright" by the Clinton campaign (although those have largely stopped now, anyway). If Obama enters the general election phase of the campaign tied with McCain, you have to feel really good about Obama's chances in the general election. I heard that something like 60% of New Hampshire women think McCain is pro-choice, for example. Misinformation like that won't thrive as well once people actually start paying attention to him.  

Chris Bowers :: Nothing To Fear From McCain's VP

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Chris ... (0.00 / 0)
I don't get it ... what if McSame were to pick someone like Mark Sanford(currently the Gov. of South Carolina) ... from the little I know of the guy he seems to be real popular with the fundies(which is a big McCain problem) ... and even if McCain were to lose .. it sets up Sanford for 2012 ... or 2016 ... besides ... besides ... picking a Gov. would mae the media swoon over McCain all over again .. because he's not picking someone from the Washington bubble as his Veep choice .. and I doubt McCain would pick Romney .. despite Romney's pledge to raise 15 large for McSame .. Romney is just setting himself up for the future

Choosing Condi as VP would be the perfect (cynical) move for McStain (0.00 / 0)
not because she's the only Puke with s shred of national credibility left (she's not, in fact, got any cred; remember her tenure as NSC head, and the pdb of Aug 11, 2001?).

It would be a genius stroke because, at a single move, it would disarm the one thing the Dem candidate--be it BHO or HRC--will now indisputably have: Novelty. By naming Condi, McStain'd steal ALL the racial AND gender thunder the Dims have, and direct it his way.

On that account, how then can one dismiss her out of hand (except on the undeniable grounds of incompetence)?

If Rice were ever really being considered for VP, (0.00 / 0)
everything changed in the past 2 days when it was revealed that Rice was involved with Cheney, Ashcroft and Tenet in conducting meetings in THE WHITE HOUSE to discuss the various types of torture to be employed on specific prisoners.  She's toast.  If there's any justice, we'll see her and many of her croanies at the Hague (Don't hold your breath).

That said, I think McSame is going with Rob Portman.  They need, youth, a conservative and someone from a swing state.  Portman is all three.

BTW, it will never be Charlie Crist.  Too many rumors surrounding his sexual preference.  If you think the right wing has problems with their party's nominee now, Charlie Crist would be an anchor around McSame's neck.

oops (0.00 / 0)
I think you spoke too soon:
no more validating of Republican attacks on topics like "inexperience" and "Jeremiah Wright" by the Clinton campaign (although those have largely stopped now, anyway)

The pro-Clinton blogs are now all rolling out their right-wing "Obama hates the Jews" arguments.

Which ones? ... (0.00 / 0)
Hillary44? .. or some of the more mainstream ones?

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well (0.00 / 0)
I have a hard time seeing how any of them are "mainstream" at this point, but here are a couple links:

Talk Left

Larry Johnson / SusanHu

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In terms of a reinforcing pick (0.00 / 0)
And someone with a popular national profile, what do you think of McCain picking Petraeus?

I think he looks worse after the most recent hearings, but given how much the Dems have committed themselves to sucking up to him, it might put many in an awkward position.

Reinforcing the war narrative seems sort of silly to me, but obviously he thinks he can win with it. Petreaus would very much be a double down pick. Someone else closely tied to this war but also widely respected for military service, experience, and character.

It wouldn't necessarily appease the Christian Right, but it also isn't a pick like Crist that would freak out the base.

I support John McCain because children are too healthy anyway.

too risky... (0.00 / 0)
The closer we get to the election, the more the media will reinforce the recession.  That's going to be THE issue in the fall.  A reminder of the war will be of no benefit to McCain, especially if no measureable progress presents itself.  It will only serve as a reminder to the vast majority of voters who want us out of Iraq.

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I agree (0.00 / 0)
And no doubt McCain understands that. But ignoring the VP for a moment, which issue does McCain have a better chance of winning on, national security or the economy? It seems obvious that he thinks the answer is national security.

We know that JM doesn't know or care about how to fix the economy, and no VP pick short of Bill Clinton is going to convince voters otherwise. So his best move is probably to double down on the issue he thinks he can win on. I don't think he can win on that issue, but he clearly does.

Of course, as Chris says, depending on the shape of the campaign, he may just pick someone who brings a swing state or appeals to the base.

I support John McCain because children are too healthy anyway.

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Those are two of the three reasons (0.00 / 0)
I believe he's going to pick Portman.  McCain only has a shot if he can keep people in the red and purple states scared of terrorism.  Short of that, he's got nothing to present.  I really think the GE changes once the Democrats are set with a nominee.  Obama and Clinton have to tip toe around each other to avoid being called a masgonist or a racist, respectively.  However, no such problem exist for either Democrat when facing the traditional white male, McCain.  

According to traditional thinking, McCain has always gotten a free ride from the press because he makes himself available to them.  As a result, they like him.  The real question is if the media will begin to call him out on a wide range of subjects he's either flip flopped on or is mistating his position on (campaign finance reform for example).

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If he's doing such a great job as General (0.00 / 0)
why make him VP?

"It sounds wrong...
     ...but its right."

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Also for some baffling reason I keep seeing serious discussion (0.00 / 0)
...of McCain selecting Carly Fiorina?!?

McCains VP will be a trusted neocon... (0.00 / 0)
thats who helped him win the primaries, is helping him raise money, and will try to make him the next president. The same neocon wing of the party who put Bush in power, twice. With all the help in the world from Fox News.

I sorta believe in the "McCain is senile theory" and I think that shortly after being elected he will find some medical excuse or they will find a way to make him resign, thus making the VP the new President. The VP will be somebody unpopular, a sort of "Trojan Horse" candidate who will ride into the Presidency on McCain's coattails.

At least, thats the plan 8)~

End this war. Stop John McCain. Cindy McCain is filthy rich.


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