Meet Rameumptom, Inc: Schubert-Flint

by: Chino Blanco

Mon Jun 30, 2008 at 11:38

What is Schubert-Flint ?  Otherwise known as Schubert Flint Public Affairs ?


So, how's about a little Q&A ?


Awesome, let's get started ...

Q:  The right choice for those facing difficult public policy challenges when success is the only option ?

A:  You betcha.

... because [Schubert-Flint] deliver results.

Sounds good.  What sort of results?

How about you lettin' me run this Q&A, and you focus on keepin' up after the break?  OK?

Chino Blanco :: Meet Rameumptom, Inc: Schubert-Flint

Q:  Is it a PR outfit that celebrates their defeat of Proposition 86 - which would've increased taxes on cigarettes by $2.60/pack and help fund California children's health coverage ?

A:  That it is.

SCHUBERT FLINT PUBLIC AFFAIRS CELEBRATES ELECTION DAY VICTORIES ... Proposition 86: The tobacco tax measure was defeated by 52 percent of California voters.

Q:  Is it a four-star team of GOP public relations consultants ?

A:  That, too.

Andy Pugno from the Protect Marriage Campaign reached out to me today to let me know that their campaign has retained the four-star GOP team at Schubert-Flint to handle their side of things.

Q:  Wait a sec.  In addition to their four-star Republican rating, and their 2006 assist with helpin' keep my tobacco affordable, this is the PR crew that's now been hired by ?

A:  One and the same.

On the other side, has hired Schubert Flint Public Affairs. The firm's Jeff Flint is leading the effort in support of the ballot initiative, called the California Marriage Protection Act.

Q:  But isn't that the same Jeff who used to work at Russo Marsh & Rogers, the GOP-linked political firm that includes the pro-Iraq War group Move America Forward among its clients ?

A:  Yes, and it's been nothin' but onwards and upwards for Jeff since those glory days.

Q:  You mean the same Move America Forward whose chairperson, Melanie Morgan, suggested in the summer of 2006 that Bill Keller, an editor of the NY Times, be put to death in a gas chamber for treason for reporting on Bush administration domestic spying?

A:  None other.

Q:  So, I take it that Jeff's the guy to call with any institutional media inquiries about the Protect Marriage Campaign, right ?

A:  Absolutely.  Jeff's looking forward to hearing from you at (916) 448 4234, or drop him a line at ...  At the same time, please kindly avoid bothering Jeff with questions regarding the meaning of Rameumptom.  

It's not his job to know.


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July 15th update:  My wild guess is that Obama's gonna win big in California this November.  If I'm right about that, I have to wonder what Jeff Flint, co-campaign manager for the California Protection of Marriage initiative (the Yes on 8 side), thinks he's accomplishing by posting comments like these over at his place at the Red County blog:

I'm for change....blah blah blah...I's for bringing people together...blah blah blah...let me quote Obama some more....blah blah blah....

As a partner at Schubert Flint Public Affairs, and as "one of the most widely respected public affairs and political professionals in the state of California" (according to the Schubert Flint website), you'd think he'd be savvy enough to avoid

a) pissing off California's Obama supporters, and

b) sounding like a 12-year-old Al Jolson.

If this is the best PR that the coalition money can buy, well, then it's already time to put a fork in Yes on 8, because it's done.

Chino Blanco

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