BlogPac Progressive Entrepreneur Contest: Five For Under $5K

by: Chris Bowers

Tue Jul 10, 2007 at 14:48

For the past year, as part of our ongoing effort to support the progressive blogosphere and movement, BlogPac has delivered over four-dozen targeted, no-strings-attached grants to progressive activists, organizations, campaigns, and media outlets around the country. Now, we would like to both expand and open up our grant making process, and give your progressive movement building idea a chance to receive one of our grants. As such, today BlogPac is launching a nationwide contest to find the five best new, grassroots progressive infrastructure projects in America, and provide those projects with the money, exposure, and connections necessary to get off the ground.

You can see the rules for this contest, including how to submit an entry, by clicking here. The five winning projects will receive up to $5,000 directly from BlogPac, a featured post here on Open Left, and a fundraising letter to our email list. The winning entries will be decided by our panel of judges, which include representatives from some of the most influential, enterprising organizations in our movement: Gina Cooper of Yearly Kos, Susan G of Dailykos, Adam Green of, Jane Hamsher of Fire Dog Lake, Justin Krebs of Living Liberally, Ben Rahn of Act Blue and, of course, Matt Stoller and Chris Bowers of BlogPac. Given the panel of judges, even submitting an entry to the contest guarantees that your idea will be reviewed by a wide variety of progressive, “open left” leaders who can help it take flight!

Almost any project is open to consideration in this contest. It can be national, regional or local. It can focus on media, culture, social networking, direct action, research, elections, messaging and much more. It can work to expand the audience of progressive radio, book more progressives appear as commentators on cable news networks, or find ways for progressive bloggers to have access to health care. It can produce strategy guides for grassroots activists run for party office, train a new generation of activists in civil disobedience tactics, or help produce a progressive documentary. The only requirements to be considered for the contest are as follows:
  1. The project on progressive infrastructure, not public policy. This contest is not trying to pass or propose specific legislation, but instead to build upon the architecture of the progressive movement.
  2. The project cannot have received more than $25,000 in donations / revenue in the past calendar year.
  3. Sending a description of your project, how it will help progressive infrastructure, how much money it needs, and how it will use that money to
Why are we doing this? Because time and time again, the new, progressive infrastructure that has helped to stop the conservative movement in its tracks has come from grassroots activists with little in the way of political connections or start up money, but still with a wealth of ideas and determination. In 1998, two computer entrepreneurs fed up with Republican attempts to impeach Bill Clinton founded Living Liberally, a social networking organization with over 200 local chapters around the country, was founded in 2003 by a group of friends who wanted to help progressives stay in regular contact with each other. Act Blue, which generated over $25,000,000 for Democratic candidates in the last three years, was a project put together by a group of college friends in Cambridge. The progressive blogosphere, which now attracts between two and four million readers a day, came into being when thousands of concerned citizens around the country simply started putting their thoughts online with no more than their ideals, hope and desire for change as guides.

Each of these projects started small, but grew into something special because the creative, indefatigable people behind them. At BlogPac, we know that there are many more of these committed, inspired activists who either already have small organizations, or who just have ideas for new organizations. With only a little assistance, these projects and these ideas can turn into the next big thing in the progressive, political ecosystem, thus helping us all continue to take our country back.

The contest opens today, July 10th, and the deadline for submissions is 10 p.m. eastern on Tuesday, July 24th. The winners will be announced at the Open Left caucus (yes, we have one) of Yearly Kos in early August. With permission of the entrants, here at Open Left will also be highlighting entries as they come in over the next two weeks.

So, start sending in entries to Of course, the more money BlogPac has, the more money we will be able to contribute to each of the winning projects. Whether or not you submit an idea, contribute to BlogPac today, and help your fellow progressive activists bring the next wave of movement infrastructure to life.
Chris Bowers :: BlogPac Progressive Entrepreneur Contest: Five For Under $5K

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The links to this post appear to be dead, at least for me.

Here is the direct link: http://www.blogpac.o...

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Still getting used to the posting interface here...

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Very cool guys (0.00 / 0)
Incubation is a great way to spread around some cash.  I had been wondering what my monthly donation would be going towards.  It has been a while since Stark gave out an individual grant.

Indeed (0.00 / 0)
It is hard to keep on top of everything that happens. I get pitched for ideas to fund all the time, and I thought it would be cool to just combine them all into one big pitch, and then take the advice of others on which ones to help out the most.

I'm hoping we get enough interest to fund even more than five projects!

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Sent in rec for these two (0.00 / 0)
Operation: Turn DuPage Blue

Greater Chicago Caucus

Both are doing great organizing here in DuPage and are sponsors of a Camp Wellstone training coming up in August for area activists.

If teaching is so easy, then by all means get your degree, pass your certification test(s), get your license, and see if you can last longer than the five years in the classroom 50% of those who enter the profession never make it to.

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Send them the info, and have them apply!

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Thank you (4.00 / 1)
I am one of several authors to The Right's Field blog that covers the 2008 Republican presidential candidates during the primary season.

We are looking to expand our reach in various areas including citizen participation.

I have a proposal that I am drafting that I think would fit in with this contest.

Fantastic! (0.00 / 0)
I look forward to it!

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Buy Blue (0.00 / 0)
I have an idea but could use a nuts and bolts person as a partner.  Anyone interested in partnering up?  email me at yitbos96bb at yahoo dot com and lets talk.

nice (0.00 / 0)
It will be interesting to see which projects are supported. When Brian (of Calitics) gets back to town I'll bother him to submit for his new CaliPAC:

Calitics CaliPAC (Federal Account)

This PAC is for our federal campaigning. Apparently, you have to have seperate accounts. Well, alright then, because I'm not interested in going to jail, this account will work towards electing progressive federal officials.

Some ideas of note right now:
# Our Quarterly Fundraisers: Expenses related to the Calitics Quarterlies will come from our Federal Account

# Field Assistance: For the 2008 cycle, we hope to help facilitate the movement of activists to contested races in the region.

# Specific Online Outreach: For contested races, we will work with local bloggers to ensure that the narrative isn't solely defined by Republican operatives.

On twitter: @BobBrigham

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The Yahoo! address listed has bounced on me three times. Is there another one to use?


Contest entries (0.00 / 0)

You wrote above: "With permission of the entrants, here at Open Left will also be highlighting entries as they come in over the next two weeks."

Please accept this note as permission granted for showing folks the entry from The Head-On Radio Network, ("The H.O.R.N."), America's Progressive Voice.

We're proud of what we've accomplised at The H.O.R.N.  Thousands of listeners every week tune in to some of the freshest, most candid conversation in America. 

We're also proud to be an entrant in this competition and are genuinely inspired to see progressives stepping up to both support and promote the infrastructure we must build if we are to counter the vitriol that flows like a river from the right-wing.


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