Republican JC Watts Fundraises for Ed Towns

by: Matt Stoller

Wed Jul 16, 2008 at 17:47

Here's the invitation to a fundraiser for Congressman Ed Towns, headlined by JC Watts and his lobbying firm, Watts Partners.  

JC Watts.jpg

Watts Partners includes the former executive director of the Republican Conference and chief of staff to Pete Hoekstra, ranking member on the House Select Committee on Intelligence.  It has the former legislative director for Mel Martizen and direct of Senate relations with the Heritage Foundation, Former Bell company officials, and former PAC directors for major DC law firms.  It is literally the embodiment of the corrupt piece of the CBC and Republican party, in the form of conservative business interests funding both Republicans and conservative black Democrats.

Matt Stoller :: Republican JC Watts Fundraises for Ed Towns
And of course, JC Watts was for a good amount of time the only black member of the Republican Party in the House, and an important leader and TV personality.  It's fitting he's now raising for Ed Towns on behalf of his lobbying firm.

Kevin Powell is challenging Ed Towns.  I'll have a post up shortly on Powell and his campaign.

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Has Powell .. (0.00 / 0)
been getting his act together any better? .. Towns needs to go!!

Someone has to ask Pelosi at Netroots Nation ... (0.00 / 0)
... why she reflexively defends incumbents like this, and Al Wynn?

We know Pelosi's not the bigger problem in Congress.  She votes the right way on most things (or else she'd be in trouble in San Francisco), but the bigger problem is she can't keep the caucus in line.  We're here to help Pelosi by bugging the Bush Dog Democrats ... and yet she keeps undermining our work on a routine basis.

Have to disagree (4.00 / 2)
Pelosi IS part of the problem. The FISA Amendments Act would not have passed without her wanting it to pass. In many ways, that bill was about covering her ass for being a quiet and knowing witness to all the illegality that was going on.

A real leader wouold know how to keep a caucus in line. So, either she's a terrible leader, OR she's a good leader who's been getting what she wants.  

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I see powell as a bellweather for progressive primary challengers (0.00 / 0)
In theory this guy should be well-funded, he's got a decent progressive narrative, an informed and engaged electorate, running against an incumbent who's bad, but not Al Wynn bad.  If Powell can't make it close, I think we need to take stock and realize that the movement has a long way to go before we are challenging corroupt guys like Towns.  Al Wynn was on his way out anyway and Donna stood up and seized the opportunity.  But maybe she was a fluke?  A lot's riding on Powell.  

What is corrupt (0.00 / 0)
about an interest group looking for people who share their interests across party lines?

I get it that you don't like conservatism, but I don't understand the charge of corruption.  Would it be corrupt to create a movement, complete with a fundraising arm, and a willingness to support the candidacies of those across party lines who are committed to work for universal health care?  Ending the war in Iraq? What if Chuck Hagel was being challenged by a pro-war Democrat like Lieberman.  Would you consider it corrupt to support Hagel over the democrat?


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If JC just brought his illegitimate brood, and paid for tickets, (0.00 / 0)
they'd raise a couple hunnert grand...He could field a football GAME, not just a team...

It's worth remembering JC's Dad remarked on his son's career that a black republican was like a chicken voting for Col Snaders...


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