DLC Edits Own Wikipedia Entry

by: Matt Stoller

Fri Aug 17, 2007 at 17:46

I actually don't think it's such a big deal that organizations edit their own wikipedia entries, but it is kind of hilarious and instructive.  The Democratic Leadership Council has of course been doing it, and you can see a partial list of their edits here.

This one is clearly the most controversial.  Someone changed the phrase:

The DLC has both supported and criticized the policies of President [[George W. Bush]].


The DLC often criticized the policies of President [[George W. Bush]], but much of the criticism is seen as measured and nuanced.

Other edits include change removing comparisons of New Democrats and Grover Cleveland, and an edit of modifying Will Marshall's background from someone who has impressive right-wing credentials to someone who has been accused of having right-wing credentials.

Someone over there also has a bit of an obsession with British tennis player Tim Henman.

Matt Stoller :: DLC Edits Own Wikipedia Entry

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I think the first DLC revision is more accurate.  The DLC did support the war (but critiqued the incompetence), but it did oppose lots of Bush policies like Tax Cuts, Environmental horribleness, Right wing judges, etc.

The white-washing of Will Marshall's bio, however, is bad.  So long as those "right wing credentials" are sourced, I think it is only fair to be included in his bio...even if they are unflattering.

As you know Matt, I worked at the DLC from 2002-03, during which time I told Will Marshall (and others) that they were idiots for supporting the war BEFORE the war started. Too bad they didn't want to listen to me. 

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I can't agree with your opinion on the first cut.

The revision omits all mention of support for any of Bush's policies. It's as if any support for any Bush programs magically disappeared and was replaced by measured, thoughtful criticism.

Nor does it acknowledge that while they may have criticized the war once it started going badly, they cheered it on -- and criticized Democrats who spoke out against it -- even while they knew George Bush was president. You go to to a war of choice with the president you have while you're advocating it, to borrow a Rummy quote.

Those who have had a chance for four years and could not produce peace should not be given another chance. --Richard Nixon, 9 October 1968

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They weren't just idiots for cheerleading the war, the war was a symptom of a general idiot perspective in the policy arena.

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