Better Democrats: Grayson Leads By 11

by: Chris Bowers

Fri Oct 24, 2008 at 11:45

The NRCC leaked "Death List" earlier in the week included 34 Republican-held seats they considered lost, leaning Democratic, or "toss-ups." One of the few competitive seats that Republicans thought was leaning their way was FL-08, where Better Democrat Alan Grayson is challenging Ric Keller. However, a new DCCC poll today shows Grayson ahead by double-digits: 52%--41%. Those are the sorts of margins from which incumbents like Keller rarely, if ever, recover.

If Democrats are ahead by double digits in the House seats that Republicans thought they would hold onto, we could be headed toward an epic landslide that will take Democrats well beyond 100 seats. Let's pile it on, by giving to Grayson and the other strong candidates on the Better Democrats page.  I think we are building a wave even bigger than 2006, and we are more than halfway to our final fundraising push. Let's go over the top.

Chris Bowers :: Better Democrats: Grayson Leads By 11

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My prediction (0.00 / 0)
last week was 45 seats, with a minimum of 25.

But there are approximately 80 competitive seats.  By competitive, I mean seats where the Democrat has some money or the demographics are favorable.  

I can't see topping 80 seats no matter how big the tsunami.


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