Eric Holder to become the first African-American Attorney General (cece248)
Okay, well at least Obama got THIS one right!

President-elect Obama has decided to tap Eric Holder as his attorney general, putting the veteran Washington lawyer in place to become the first African-American to head the Justice Department, according to two legal sources close to the presidential transition.

Fantastic news if true
Holder is a very smart guy and helped found the progressive alternative to the Federalist Society, the American Constitution Society.  

John McCain: Beacuse lobbyists should have more power

Why do you think he got this one right?  On first glance, I don't exactly see a crusader for Justice there.

Crusader a qualifier?
I didn't think being a "crusader" was a requisite for being attorney general. I would settle for really smart guy who believes in applying laws FAIRLY.

A New York City native who graduated from Columbia University and Columbia Law School, Holder spent years as a federal prosecutor-a job in which he earned a reputation as tough and aggressive foe of public corruption. After serving in the pubic integrity section of the Justice Department's Criminal Division and later a District of Columbia Superior Court judge, Holder was named by President Clinton as U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia. He became deputy attorney general in 1997 under Janet Reno and was viewed as a centrist on most law enforcement issues, though he has sharply criticized the secrecy and the expansive views of executive power advanced by the Bush Justice Department.

Besides that, yes I am happy to see that Obama is getting some diversity in his cabinet picks.

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Diversity is good.  

But just some "applies the law fairly standard" isn't good enough for me, until you show me examples of what that has meant in his career.  Nor is going after public corruption.  Even with both as general principles, (and all three including the secrecy thing) would mean that many, many republicans were just as qualified.  Seems like a pretty low bar.

I don't know Holder and have little opinion of him.  But the above doesn't convince me of anything, other than he isnt a nut.  (If he did help to create ACS, I think that is certainly an added positive.)

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This argument is silly on multiple counts. He was Deputy AG under Janet Reno. Very few people are ex Deputy AGs, including all these otherwise qualified Republicans you posit.

And, yes, I'm much more interested in candidates who apply the law fairly, are against 'the secrecy thing', and have a proven track record of taking on corruption than I am in diversity.

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I am not against Holder.  I am saying, however, that we don't know much about him and what has been described above doesn't really tell us much, and fits the profile of just about everyone who would reasonably be considered.  I would like to know more about him and am not sure why that is a big deal.

(As an aside, a law prof. who I trust says he is "good.")

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But I do think we know a fair bit about him, including some legitmately bad stuff, like the Marc Rich pardon. And, to repeat, we know he was Deputy AG, which means he most certainly does not fit the profile of just about everybody who would apply.

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to me
His experience means something, but what I am getting at is that it doesn't tell us what kind of AG he will be.  I would like to know things pertaining to his legal philosophy, an idea of what we can expect out of a Holder Department of Justice, etc.

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This will be food for the conspiracy theorists
Ought to be entertaining, to say the least.

With Obama, a black man as President, and "Commander In Chief" (I love that) and Holder, a black man as "Top Cop", we have clearly surrendered the nation to...well, nothing really.

But won't stop stuff like this.  

More evidence of the black/Weather Underground plot to destroy America, or something.

Note nothing is said about how Holder has ALWAYS been extremely well-regarded in governing.

Patrick Fitzgerald would have been a real agent of change....
....and the perfect choice to restore the tarnished reputation of DOJ....and a Republican to boot....but I doubt Congress would have liked an independent straight arrow like Fitzgerald looking into their increasingly cozy relationship with K Street.....

Instead we get Mr Marc Rich.

So tell us about this guy
What's his stance on wiretapping, torture, the patriot act?

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Uh, meant for this to be a reply to the toplevel post
not that it matters though I guess.

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Yes, yes
We should just appoint people who've made the papers and who the people around here already approve of, based on one thing that they know about that person and fantasies about the other things they don't know.

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Stupid comment
To insinuate that Fitzgerald is only recommended because he's "made the papers" is as stupid as it is asinine.  Fitzgerald had a sterling bipartisan reputation in law enforcement circles long before he got involved in the Plame affair.  That reputation comes from his work in bringing down one corrupt governor in Illinois, and he may be about to bring down another.

Not the kind of man that Washington wants running DOJ, clearly.

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Fitzgerald would be good
But, yeah, Holder is so much more than 'the Marc Rich guy'.

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Your comment was equally asinine
Mr. "Marc Rich" is far more accomplished than you give him credit for.  And, of course, there's no evidence that Fitzgerald was interested in the position or would have taken it if it was offered to him.

Please, get an irony transplant.

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CNN Headline
Anyone else think the headline on this on the CNN front page is a bit odd?

Ticker: Obama wants 1st black attorney general

Cos' names are nowhere near as important as ethnicity...


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