Boycott Kellogg's... (yitbos96bb)
Lost in the stimulus battle, was the draconian decision of Kellogg's to drop Michael Phelps over a bong hit.  I am boycotting Kellogg's as a result and I call on anyone who finds the drug war and marijuana policy in this country facist to do the same.  Call, write a letter, etc.

Yeah, but, Christ, my boycotting leverage with Kellogg's is about zero.
Who the eff wants to start the day with a pile of pesticides and corn syrup?

     Of course they're draconian about image- what else do they have to offer beyond brand leverage? Michael Phelps laid his own bed; this isn't anything that wasn't fantastically forseeable. He knew he had morality clauses and why they were in place. Kellogg pays him multi-millions to perpetuate a bulhshi* machine. He certainly could have refused to advocate a crap product all along. If you're going to advocate for products without any integrity to your choices, can you really turn around and cry that they don't advocate for you with integrity?

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I'd smoke with Michael Phelps anyday... and no pics.

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Of all the acts of corporate malfeasance taking place in the world right now, this is where we're gonna plant our flag?

My thoughts exactly.
this quick hit is a ridiculous concern.

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I'm sorry...
Sorry Chachy and Tom... I didn't realize that I could only boycott one thing at a time...

Oh Wait... I'm not a lazy douche... so I can not only avoid buying Kellogg's food and take the 5 minutes to send a letter, but can avoid Walmart, Taco bell (well not any more because they god rid of slave labor tomatos), and deal with two stupid dumb asses on a blog.    

So Tom... Chachy... In the word's of Dick Cheney...  well you get the drift.    

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Pleasure Police Will Not Give Up.
Kelloggs is playing to the sentiments of the spiritually disabled and enemies of personal choice. But the company is living in the past. Most Americans smoke pot and love its sexual boost. Phelps photo smoking pot should be put on every package of kelloggs. It would increase sales and earn respect for the company. Let the party poopers eat cake.


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